6809 Disk Operating Systems

6809 SK*DOS

SK*DOS is a single-user disk operating system for 6809 based computers such as the Elektra, SWTP, Gimix, Hazelwood, and others, including many of the 6809 single-board computers such as the PT-69 from Peripheral Technology. It is a very much simplified version of our SK*DOS/68K, but for users who do not need the full power of a 68K system.

SK*DOS was originally designed to run all the same programs which run with Flex from Technical Systems Consultants. There is a wide variety of software available, including Basic, editors, assemblers and cross-assemblers, sort-merge, text processors and formatters, compilers for Pascal, C, and Basic, modem programs, spell checkers, etc.

It is available in several variations (depending on your hardware), and is also supported by other manufacturers.

Individual copies of SK*DOS cost $75; a Configuration Manual is available for $25.


STAR-DOS is an earlier version of 6809 SK*DOS, designed to run on a Color Computer I or II. It uses the same disk format as Radio Shack DOS uses, but it is programmed and behaves like SK*DOS. In fact, on a 64K system, STAR-DOS will run many Flex or SK*DOS programs without change, which explains why other software vendors have licensed STAR-DOS to aid in porting their own software to the CoCo.

STAR-DOS can run on any CoCo I or II system from 16K up, and costs $34.95.


STAR-DOS PLUS+ is a version of our 6809 SK*DOS, adapted by Data-Comp Inc. of Hixson, Tennessee, for the Color Computer.

STAR-DOS PLUS+ runs Flex and SK*DOS/6809 programs, uses the same disk format, supports single or double density, single or double sided disks, etc. It adheres closely to the 6809 SK*DOS implementations on larger 6809 systems.

STAR-DOS PLUS+ comes with the same detailed user's manual as our larger systems, and costs just $34.95 (Sorry - STAR-DOS PLUS+ is not available for the Color Computer III.)