Star-K Manuals and Source Code

In the interests of supporting our many customers and friends, we are publishing a number of our manuals and program source codes. Click on the items below you are interested in; more will be added as we get to it.

6800 / 6802 / 68HC11 Materials

Disassembler for 6800/6802/68HC11 processors, written in Basic. This is not a commercial product, but something we wrote as a quick-and-dirty job because we needed it real fast.

More to come...

6809 Materials

6809 SK*DOS  User Manual tells how to use SK*DOS for the 6809.

6809 SK*DOS for a SWTP computer using the DC4 disk controller or equivalent.

6809 SK*DOS  for a Gimix computer using a #28 disk controller.

Other disk drivers   for other computers and controllers, including the Gimix #68, F&D, SWTP DMAF, and SWTP DMAF2 controllers. Substitute the appropriate controller code into the G#28 code above.

6809 SK*DOS  Configuration Manual. This manual (and accompanying source codes) shows how to adapt 6809 SK*DOS to new hardware.

The  RANDOM.CMD  program. 6809 SK*DOS is a functional equivalent to Flex. But because (a) it has totally different code, and (b) it contains a number of additions and fixes, the code for SK*DOS is longer than the corresponding code for Flex. However, since it has to be functionally equivalent (such as fitting into exactly the same memory locations), we had to delete something from SK*DOS to make it fit. Since the random file functions are almost never used, they were removed from SK*DOS. If you desperately need random files, just execute the RANDOM.CMD program, and the random routines will be reinserted into SK*DOS (though with additional memory used.)

6809  HUMBUG monitor code. This monitor contains a number of options for video cards etc., which are accessed through conditional assembly. Instructions for conditional assembly are near the beginning of the code.

6809  FORMAT  code for a DC-4 - type floppy disk controller.

6809  COPY  utility for copying files.

More to come...

68000 Materials

68K SK*DOS User's Manual, both the  text  and the  appendices are now here.

68K SK*DOS itself. The full code consists of two parts:  SK*DOS.COR, which is the "core" version of the DOS independent of the particular hardware on which it runs, and a BIOS, which then adapts the core version to the particular hardware. For example, this  BIOS for the PT68K-4 is the version which adapts it to run on the PT68K-4 computer. These two programs would normally be assembled separately, and then appended together into SK*DOS.SYS. (See the Configuration Manual below for information on how to do the adaptation.)

68K SK*DOS  Configuration Manual shows how to adapt 68K SK*DOS to new 68xxx hardware. It contains information on writing the BIOS, a FORMAT program, boot routines, etc.

68K SK*DOS hard drive HDFORMAT source code (three versions):  version 1 ,   version 2 , and  version 3

68K SK*DOS floppy drive  FORMAT source code.

68K SK*DOS  LINK utility source code

68K SK*DOS  LIST utility source code

68K SK*DOS  COPY utility source code

68K SK*DOS  CAT utility source code

68K SK*DOS  EDLIN line editor source code

68K SK*DOS  FROMSD  utility source code to read a file from an MSDOS disk

68K SK*DOS  TOMSDOS  utility source code to write a file to an MSDOS disk

68K SK*DOS  SKEQUATE library files needed to for some utilities

68K SK*DOS  DRIVE  utility source code to display and/or make drive assignments

68K SK*DOS  TIME  utility source code to set the time

68K SK*DOS  RAMDISK utility source code

68K  HUMBUG source code for the PT68K-4 computer

More to come...